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MSJE Supplies, Policies & Info


Do not call the school - Emergency Info

  • Go to MSJE ASAP. If this is not possible, contact one of the individuals you have preauthorized (on the Disaster Release Form) to pick up your student. Students will only be released to authorized individuals.
  • Once you arrive at school, park on the street without blocking entrances for emergency vehicles. Remain calm. Enter only through the gate on Bryant.
  • You will not be allowed to enter from the parking lot so do not drive into the parking lot. Emergency vehicles will need this access free.
  • Students will be evacuated to the blacktop area on the intermediate playground.
  • If we must evacuate the school grounds, a note will be left on the gate that we have moved away from the danger and to the clearing at the end of Becado St.
  • All staff members and volunteers can be identified by bright orange hats.
  • Parents/caregivers should go to their student's teacher at the school playground.
  • Once you locate the teacher, the parent/caregiver will need to identify him/herself and provide identification such as a driver's license. Staff members will check the Disaster Release Form to make sure the individual is authorized before releasing the student. A numbering system (teachers know it) will be used to match you with your child to ensure that someone unauthorized does not claim your child.
  • Parents/caregiver must sign the Disaster Release Form and the student and adult will be checked again at the Bryant gate to ensure that the numbers for adult and child match.
  • Staff members will remain with your children. Your child will not be left alone. We have food, water, and other supplies for three days.
  • Parent cooperation with our release process is essential for student safety.


When dangerous incidents occur, such as an attempted stranger abduction, suspected drug or gang activity, indecent exposure, suspicious strangers on or near campus, or in the neighborhood, FUSD has the following procedures in place:

  1. The student reports incident immediately to staff member or parent.
  2. The staff member or parent immediately reports incident to the principal, or designee in her absence.
  3. Principal investigates to determine what happened and reports incident to Fremont Police Department and Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.
  4. he Assistant Superintendent determines the validity of incident and notifies all school of the appropriate action to take.
  5. Staff and students are notified immediately by the principal (if appropriate for young children) and a note goes home to parents that day.
  6. If situation warrants, students would be held on campus for parent pick-up (police action in the neighborhood).
  7. Each school office retains a copy of all parent notifications of this type generated by the school and by the Education Center.
Frequently Asked Questions


Mission San Jose Elementary School is one of twenty-nine elementary schools within the Fremont Unified School District.  All children who live in the District are enrolled in  their home school attendance area.  However, this is not possible for many of the students who live near Mission San Jose Elementary School because of space limitations.  The school only has available classrooms for 700 students. There are 28 students in our two Kindergarten classes with 30 students in all our first through sixth grade classes.

All of Mission San Jose Elementary School grade levels have overloaded students.  These students are sent to schools that have available space on a given day.  We try to send our overloaded students to schools within the Mission San Jose attendance area.  Please know that because these schools are experiencing space limitations also, this is not always possible. 

When you register your child at MSJE, your child's name is added to the bottom of the overload list.  The list is arranged by the date students were registered.  This is important because as students leave Mission San Jose Elementary (this rarely happens) their placement is filled by the next student on the overload list.   We regretfully inform you that some overload students never attend Mission San Jose Elementary.  However, our students do attend Hopkins Junior High and Mission High School. 

What if my child will be absent from school?

Please inform the office when your child must be absent from school by calling the school answering machine at 656-1200. Call the other school number, as directed over the tape, only in an emergency. 

Remember, there are no more excused absences. Students are either present or not present, and the average daily attendance (ADA) is based on "seat" time only. If your child is truly sick, he/she should stay home, of course. But missing school for any other reason can become a bad habit. Studies show that children who have poor attendance in the elementary years are much more likely to drop out of high school later on. When your child is absent from school, he misses more than the day's lessons. Class discussions are critical to understanding important concepts.

Please schedule doctor's appointments, haircuts, shopping, and family vacations after school hours.

If your child is absent, please call the school office in the morning to request homework for afternoon pick-up in the office. Homework will be available after 3:00 p.m. If your child is absent for more than one day, please give the office 24 hours notice to collect make-up work. Keeping up with schoolwork will make things easier when your child returns to school.

What if my child needs to take medication at school? Health Services

If a pupil is required to take medication during the school day, the school may assist if it receives the following on a district medication form (available in the office).

  1. A written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount and time schedules for the medication, AND

  2. a written request from the parent that the medication be given at school. In addition, the medication must be in the original prescription container. Please send only the amount to be administered at school.

Both of these requirements must be met in order for us to assist you. This policy is for the protection of all students and staff. At no time is a student to carry over-the-counter medication or prescription medication in his/her lunch, pocket, book bag or other belongings.

Where is the Lost & Found?

Check the Lost & Found in the Multi-purpose room for clothing left by students last year. Please make sure that all jackets, sweaters, backpacks, etc. are clearly marked with your child's name, so that we can return them to him/her. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at each report card time.

What is the Visitor's Policy?

We care about our students' safety. To insure a safe environment for all students, all visitors are required to check in at the office, sign in, and wear a badge or sticker while on campus. The badge or sticker you receive will identify you to staff and students as you walk around during your stay. Visitors ARE NOT to go directly to classrooms. This is for the protection of all student

What about buying lunch at school? Child Nutrition Services [↗]

Hot lunches, including milk, are available. For children bringing their lunch, milk may be purchased separately. Checks are payable to FUSD Child Nutrition Services. Applications for free and reduced lunch are available in the office. Families with more than one child at MSJE need only fill out one form. Children who received free or reduced-priced lunches last year will continue to qualify through the month of September until the new form is returned. New families will not qualify until approved by Child Nutrition Services.

Continuing this year, students who buy the hot lunch will have the opportunity to select items themselves from the Salad Bar.