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Binder Organization


Mrs. Iwata’s Class
Room 9
Third Grade Binder Set-up

Third grade is often the first-time children use a binder in school. This is a great time for students to learn and build upon organizational skills.

The first item in your child’s binder should be the MSJE Student Planner. Students should be copying their assignments down in the appropriate box each day. Please check here to see what they are being assigned each day.

To help your child get organized, please label the dividers in the binder according to the directions and order below:

1.    HOMEWORK: This divider has been provided for students because students will need a divider with pockets. Our math homework is not hole-punched and this makes it easier for both the teacher and students to manage. *This is also the divider I will send home daily math classwork in. This way, parents can review what was done in class that day, and help support the student with their homework. PLEASE REMIND STUDENTS TO REMOVE THIS PAGE FROM THEIR HOMEWORK POCKET EACH DAY.

2.    LANGUAGE ARTS: This section will include language arts resources and spelling resources.

3.    MATH: This section will include math vocabulary and work in progress.



*When reviewing the contents of the binder, or helping your child maintain the organization of the binder, please be mindful of doing this together. Your child should know what is needed in class, and what can be kept at home. Thank you for your support!