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Homework Policy

HOMEWORK: Homework is designed to reinforce classroom instruction and/or discussions. Students are generally assigned the work in class, all directions are gone over, and sample answers are modeled in the lesson the day the assignments are given. In my class, I use homework as a review of concepts we’ve learned in class and as practice for students to learn responsibility. All homework will be required to be finished and turned in, even if late. Homework is not graded, aside from given CREDIT or INCOMPLETE. If the assignment is late or partially completed, it will be recorded in the progress report as an INC. This is to let you know that the assignment was late, and that student has completed all late or missing assignments during their RECESS time with me, OR SENT HOME to complete with you. If a student has not returned homework at all, it will be recorded as MISSING (mi). The only place you will see homework reflected on the new report card is in “TRAITS OF A SUCCESSFUL LEARNER: Completes tasks in a timely manner.” As a class, students will self-correct (or with partners) their homework every morning, so students will be aware of concepts they need to work on, and have the opportunity to ask questions.


One of the greatest leaps students will make this year, is no longer having a homework packet and being responsible for each individual assignment. Each child is responsible for writing all assignments down in their student planners.  Students understand that it is their job to write down their assignment in the morning, check that they have the correct worksheets assigned, and put it in the homework section of their binder. If students are not completing assignments, they will be put on a contract. I will then require them to have a parent signature every night, indicating that parents have checked that their assignments were both written down, and completed. 


Homework is expected to be turned in, on time, neat, completed, and with the proper headings when applicable.  If a student has a difficult time in any area they can contact me before school, during recesses / lunch or after school for additional assistance.


I make every attempt not to assign more than 30 minutes of homework on any given night as well as no homework on Fridays. On AVERAGE, your child should be able to finish homework in about 30 minutes, IF they are working in a quiet area, uninterrupted, and focused. If your child is experiencing spending much more time on his/her homework, please contact me. Please do allow some adjustment time during the first few weeks, and help your student at home, by making sure they have a designated workspace and quiet area in which to complete their homework.


If a child is absent, they have extra days to turn work.  These extra days are equal to the number of the days they were gone.   I understand that there are circumstances for all of us, beyond our control sometimes.  If you will just write me a note or contact me via phone or email, I can make arrangements for the homework to be picked up or sent home with another student.