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Supply List

Third Grade Supplies

Room 14 – Mrs. O'Hara’s class

 1. Your Pencil Box - a pencil box has been provided for you. In your pencil box you need to have:

  • a pair of scissors
  • pencils sharpened #2 pencils- Ticonderoga ONLY
  • colored pencils - Classic Color 12 Pack
  • a dry erase marker
  • a blue pen
  • a glue stick
  • one regular black sharpie, one thin black sharpie
  • 3 different color highlighters - pink, yellow, green
  • Magic Rub large white erasers (no pink erasers)

2. Your Third Grade Binder – you should have your own 1.5 inch 3-ring binder (NO ZIPPERS OR VELCRO)

- Your student planner (provided) should be the first item in your binder.

- After your student planner, you will need 5 POCKET dividers, labeled, and in this order:

  • Homework 
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science/Social Science
  • Other

3. Classroom Folders and Notebooks - (we will label these in class together)

- You will need 2 spiral-bound notebooks:

                        1. Language Arts

                        2. Math

- You will need 1 plastic pocket folder:

               - Work in Progress Folder for unfinished work

4. Writing Journal (provided) – (decorate your cover at home)


5. 1- set of headphones or earbuds – must have 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) input jack. Cannot be a USB connection, Bluetooth connection or large over the ear models. These are for computer use. Label with name in a ziplock bag.

*All other supplies and extra (sharpies, erasers, glue sticks, etc.) will be stored for community use throughout the year.