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Dear Parents,
On Friday third graders brought home materials in math and Language arts for 2 weeks. At the time, we were not sure what the district was planning for this next week, but we wanted to be prepared in case they shut down school. As you should now know, school is closed for the next 2 weeks. Teachers will be at school Monday and Tuesday from 8:30-2:30 for parents to pick up materials if their child was not at school on Friday. 
Tomorrow the third grade teachers will be planning curriculum and lessons for students and then we will send out the information to parents. I will use my school webpage to list work and sites for student use. Please check it tomorrow afternoon.
I will also use Classtag to notify you of any changes.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me. The character trait for March is problem solving, and boy are we problem-solving!
Mrs. Loeswick



News from Room 11                                          March 13, 2020

Report Cards are in the Friday folder. Keep the report card. Sign the outside of the envelope and return it Monday in the Friday folder.

Our language arts program is common core based and requires students read, think, and synthesize content. Higher level and critical thinking are required to be successful in this program. Our goal is for students to make growth in the standards as they learn what is required of them. I have seen growth from the beginning of the year. Students must read, read and underline key details, and then annotate (notes) to help them comprehend what they are reading. Explaining in writing shows they understand the concepts. As the year progresses, the concepts increase in rigor and require students to use critical thinking.

Kindergarten-2nd grade- Students are learning to read.

3rd grade and up- Students are reading to learn.

For the third trimester, we will start practicing for the SBAC test in May. Students have used the Chromebooks weekly and are doing well with technology. They will do Math and Language Arts tests on computers.

Our class needs hand sanitizer. If you would like to donate these items, I would appreciate it.

Math- We will start our unit 6 on Geometry in 2 weeks skipping unit 5. After this unit we will do Unit 7, Fractions.

Science- The science curriculum and lab is being taught by Ms. Dahlin. Our  language arts program also has science based units.

Book Orders-Book Orders are due by next Friday, March 20. Ordering online is preferable, but students can bring in the order form and a check too. To order online go to:

  Activation code: HGCMK   I encourage all students to read every day and to practice reading aloud.

The district mandates what we are doing for the Coronavirus. Any new information is sent out to the parents and staff.

Have a nice weekend.

Mary Ann Loeswick