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Scholastic Book Orders

Each month a Scholastic Book Order catalog will be sent in the Friday Folder (I also try to post an electronic link on this page for all the current catalogs). If parents would like to order any of the books from the catalog, they should go online and place an order using our class code. Please try to submit your order by the following Friday. Orders of $15 or more receive free shipping, so all class orders made within the first week are combined to ensure free shipping. Orders submitted more than one week after the catalog went home may need to wait to be combined with other orders if the total is less than $15.


Scholastic Book Clubs are only available through the school system and offer books at a discounted price. Scholastic also supports classrooms by awarding bonus points (based on student orders) to classroom teachers to order books and other items for their students.


Class Code: DYKQR