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Distance Learning Plan May 4-8th

   Do your best to complete these tasks daily. Turn in all assignments in Google Classroom (GC).


Monday 4th

Tuesday 5th

Wednesday 6th

Thursday 7th

Friday 8th

  • Lesson 7-13: SAB pages 285-286 (watch the video posted in GC, check your  answers)
  • Homework/ Remembering 7-13
  • Math Unit 7 Quiz 4 (Think Central)
  • Dreambox 30 minutes
  • Unit 7 Review Test: Complete on your own questions 1-11 in the Student activity Book. 
  • Dreambox 30 minutes
  • Unit 7 Review Test: Complete on your own questions 12-19 in the Student activity Book. 
  • Dreambox 30 minutes
  • Correct the Review Test during the live meeting

  • Unit 7 Test in Think Central


Classwork/ Homework


Mission Research Report- Use the language arts minutes this week to:

  • Reread your paragraphs looking for errors, revisions, and places to add more details or insert photos Due May 13th
  • Review your title page and bibliography for the correct format and check completeness Due May 13th
  • Finish your visual project: (slideshow or poster recommended) Due May 13th
  • Finish note-cards for your 3-5 minute oral presentation (you will record this next week) Due May 14th

Chapter 7 Lesson 2: read pages 238-245 in the science text book.

In GC give the definition of the highlighted words and answer the review question.

Social Studies:


  Unit 4 Lesson 5: read pages 111-116, answer questions 1-5, 1-2 (live on Zoom with Mrs. Brown, if you can. Otherwise, on your own and upload.) Lesson 4-5 Follow-Up Questions 1-5  
  • St. George fine art
  • CA art pages

St. George and the Dragon -due

Upload to GC


(do what
you can)
  • Dreambox
  • Epic
  • Khan Academy
  • Mega Math 
PE: Be active for about 20 minutes daily:

Live Video


Monday at 10:00 am

  1. Go over weekly plan
  2. Direct Instruction in Science 7-2 and Mission Report
  3. Answer questions

Wednesday at 10:00 am

  1. Correct Math HW 7-13 
  2. Direct Instruction Social Studies Lesson 4-5
  3. Answer questions


Friday at 10:00 am

  1. Correct Math Review Test Unit 7
  2. Student Spotlight
  3. Check-in
  4. Answer questions
What to turn in in Google Classroom (GC)
  • Science 7-2 answers




Social Studies 4-5 answers


St. George and the Dragon


What to do in Think Central  

Math Quiz 7-4




Math Test Unit 7


What to correct and/or show your parent

Math SAB and HW pages 7-13



Math Review Test questions 1-11


Math Review Test questions 12-19