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Mission Research Report


1. Written Report

(written in paragraphs with headings using the note-taking sheet)

-Week of Jan. 27th: Start mission research by taking notes using the note-taking sheet provided in the packet (this is your homework)

-Week of Feb. 3rd: Make your title page in class in google drive (with teacher)

-Week of Feb. 17th: Start your bibliography in class in google drive (with teacher)

-Week of Feb. 24th: Finish your note-taking sheet and turn it in by Friday (for homework) 

-Week of Mar. 23rd: Type your notes into paragraphs in google drive, turn it into your teacher by Friday (for homework) 


2. Bibliography

(list of the sources you used to find the information)

You will begin this in class with the teacher, but will need to add to it as you do more research, and check your formatting is correct using the guide in the packet. Don’t forget the date you accessed the websites.

3. Visual Project

(choose from a list of 4 choices shown in the packet: poster, map, floor plan, or model)

-Week of April 1st: Choose a project and start gathering needed supplies.

-Week of April 27th: Finish your visual project (for homework)


4. Oral Presentation

(3-5 minutes in front of the class)

-Week of May 4th: Make note cards for the oral presentation for homework, and think about how you will use your visual and slideshow during your presentation.

5. Turn in the Report


-Week of May 11th: Put your title page, written report, and bibliography into a folder. Practice your oral presentation in front of others; it should be 3-5 minutes long and use your visual project and the slideshow you made on computer class.

May 13th: Bring your report folder and visual to class to turn in to your teacher. Keep your note cards in your binder until it is your turn to present.

  • Written Report          

(with bibliography)

  • Visual Project             

 (one of four choices)

  • Oral Presentation       

  (3-5 minutes)

How to Do Research

Use the note-taking sheet in the informational packet to guide your research:

  1. Check out books from the library about your mission. Write down the bibliography info for your book.
  2. Do online research by using keyword searches and the websites given in the packet. Write down the bibliography info for each website that you get information or pictures from (don't forget the date you first accessed the site).
  3. Visit your mission (if possible) or talk with experts about the missions.
E-Books Available

To access an eBook version of the mission books in the library:

  1. Go to the Alameda County Library website at
  2. Use the search bar at the top right to search for California Missions
  3. Along the left column, refine the search by clicking the eBooks box
  4. Scroll until you find the book with your mission's name and click on the title
  5. Use the username and password 'alameda' to access the book for free