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Mindfulness is the ability to fully be aware in the present moment and engaged in what is happening.  When we are aware of our surroundings, we are not reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.  When we practice mindfulness, we are able to focus and attend to our emotions as well as feel compassion and empathy.  Mindfulness practices can also help us deal with tough emotions and replace impulsive reactions with thoughtful responses.  I encourage you to spend some time and incorporate mindfulness into your family’s routine.  Below are some guided mindfulness practices you can enjoy as a family. 


Mindfulness Everyday

Mindfulness Family Tool Kit


Mind Yeti

What Is Mindfulness? - YouTube

Get Your Mind Ready with Mind Yeti - YouTube

Hello Breath Listen - YouTube

Hello Gratitude Listen - YouTube


MyLife Meditation

Mindful Breathing Meditation (5 Minutes) - YouTube

Body Scan Meditation (Tame Anxiety) - YouTube

Mindful Eating (Healthy Habit) - YouTube

Engaging Your Senses Meditation (Relieve Stress) - YouTube


The Mental Health Teacher

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children - YouTube

Belly Breathing: Mindfulness for Children - YouTube

Thought Bubbles! Mindfulness for Children. (thought awareness) - YouTube

Bubble Bounce! Mindfulness for Children (Mindful Looking) - YouTube