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Welcome to Room 15


room 15

It is my great honor and pleasure to guide my wonderful fourth graders on their journey to creating the skills and attitudes they will need to thrive in a dynamic and challenging world. This is my 21st year teaching in FUSD, and each year I am delighted and impressed by the capacity of learning found within my students.

I believe in making our classroom colorful, fun, and engaging, yet rigorous and full of learning opportunities. I’ll admit, I like things neat and tidy, and I believe organization to be a critical life skill. Students can look forward to practicing/learning excellent study skills, note-taking strategies, and a love for reading. 

I’m thrilled that we live in a part of the country abounding in diversity. We have the unique opportunity to learn and grow along-side individuals from many different backgrounds, languages, and cultures. Each of us possesses a special set of strengths that we can utilize to help ourselves and to share with others. I look forward to getting to know the students and partnering with families to help every student thrive.

I hope that you and your family will refer to this website often for resources, current information, and an extension of learning opportunities. Please reach out to me with any questions; I'm here to help.